One for our troops

One for our troops

While shooting for an agency of this 10 yr old boy, it was easy to tell he was done with all the outfits with bow ties, polo shirts and several others. We needed to get through yet another wardrobe change before calling it quits.
So I promised him that if he did this one last change and showed extra enthusiasm for the last part of our photo session, he could then go into his closet and pick out anything he wanted to photograph as a bonus.
He gave me a big smile and I began to get intrigued with what he’d pick. His dad played in the NFL for many years and is in the top 10 all time in scoring. So I was imagining him in one of his many uniforms with a helmet. When he walks out in the gear in the photo I took attached, I was floored. His heroes all revolve around our troops and his knowledge of US military history was amazing..
So I asked the obvious question; why this outfit?
He did not hesitate as he thought it could be a nice Christmas tribute to all of those men and women over seas fighting for our country and ultimately freedom, as they must really miss their families during the holidays. We obviously were shooting in late December and like most shoots I do, there are always surprises.
This one was no different and was an honor to photograph and learn more about JD, an amazing kid